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Types of Mehandi

Choose from the best Indian mehendi styles

Madhubani mehendi designs

Madhubani mehendi designs are suitable for all kinds of occasions be it a wedding, festive season, durga puja and others. Madhubani mehendi designs are the ones that depict nature and God through their designs especially of the hindu culture. We use the moon, leaves, sun and in the religious context we use our Gods.

Bridal mehendi designs

Mehendi or henna is considered as good luck for the brides about to get married and it is also based on how dark the mehendi gets. Bridal mehendi designs include a lot of designs but the most famous one is getting your husband’s face imprinted on your hand. Mehendi is the most tradition that is meant to be followed in Indian weddings.

Festive mehendi designs

Girls are crazy for henna and they don’t miss a chance to get henna on their hands. Festive season is the busiest when it’s not wedding time, Am I right? We have always considered henna as a blessing no matter the occasion. Girls are generally trying to show off their bright jewellery with a combination of dark henna on their hands.

Occasional mehendi designs

Occasions are where there is no specification on what kind of design we are going to wear. There is a jewellery style mehendi, bracelet, madhubani, simple and others that are famous for every occasion. You can get a simple bel at the back of your hand and wear diamond jewellery to let it spark.

Moroccan mehendi designs

Moroccan mehendi designs are the ones that have geometrical designs. These types of designs come from the middle-east region of the country. You can draw triangles, rectangles and squares, merge them together and form beautiful patterns out of geometry. You can also draw flowery patterns using geometrical shapes.

Bangle style designs

We are in the trend of making a bangle or a bracelet with a ring attached to it with the help of henna which is simple and looks absolutely stunning when worn with a ethinc wear. This type of design has no particular occasion for it and you can wear it when you like or want.

The lace glove

We all are familiar with the concept of a glove that has laces made out of net on it. Now, you can get it with the help of henna and believe me it looks absolutely stunning to have such a design on our hands because it almost gives an illusion of a lace glove. The color of the mehendi can be black or brown.

Jaipuri mehendi designs

Mehendi isn’t something that comes in one design only especially when we live in a diverse country like India, you can go out and find out thousands of categories of something. Jaipuri mehendi is famous and is used on any occasion, some of the most popular jaipuri designs are peacock, lotus and an elephant raising its trunk are the most asked designs that we make.

Marwari mehendi designs

Marwari mehendi designs does not limit to one kind, it has around 25 more types where there is bridal, back hand, black mehendi, chand raat etc. but the most famous is the marwari bridal design used by mostly all brides. The marwari design consists of mangoes, leaves, flowers and other nature related things including animals too.

Bombay mehendi designs

Okay, Bombay has never failed us to follow the culture be it food or mehendi, right? Bombay mehendi designs are difficult to make and not everyone has the talent to draw it on your hands but we have talented workers that will give you any bombay mehendi pattern for any occasion. There is floral, paisleys, peacock feather pattern, jali work and many other patterns that we will give you.

Rajasthani mehendi designs

Rajasthani mehendi designs are a way to show off the rajasthani culture. We like to see the ethnicity that is followed by them and to put it in our mehendi designs is nothing but greatness. Rajasthani mehendi designs are an image of the folk, dance, tradition and the colors of the rajasthani culture. Mirror reflecting designs are the most famous in the rajasthani mehendi design.

Sanjhi mehendi design

I swear to god, this mehendi design is no joke to anyone. The entire depiction that is used while making this mehendi design is absolutely stunning. Look at the images and creating such designs is no joke to anyone. In this, we can use certain scenes like from a wedding we can depict the entire wedding from barat to bidai using henna. There are other designs like Lord Krishna, bridal bliss, the joyous bride and others. We will make any kind of design that you want us to create for you.

Kalamkari mehendi design

The origin of the kalamkari style is from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The design is basically block printing on fabric but also has hand printing which is also used in the mehendi designs. Kalamkari in the mehendi style is the depiction of the famous epics in our Hindu religion, The Ramayana, The Mahabharata and The Purana. Kalamkari is an image of the hindu mythology.

Warli mehendi design

Warli mehendi designs are the beautiful creation of the tribals using henna. These types of designs were first introduced as paintings that were made by the tribal range of North Sahyadari region. Warli mehendi arts is the depiction of the folk style. Warli art is where we use humans as stick figures and we create certain patterns using henna.

Designer mehendi styles

Designer mehendi styles do not consist of one kind of style but it will give you all kinds of mehendi but it mainly includes modern styles. In designer styles, you can see the arabic designs, stylish, simple, roses, flowers, wedding, bridal, unique, front hand, back hand etc. You can consider any type of design that you like, be it modern or old.

Ajanta mehendi design

We all are aware of the historical monument Ajanta caves built at the time of Aurangabad. Now, you can get the interior of the caves on your hands with the help of henna and the talent of our mehendi artists. It can be a mehendi design for your wedding day or you can get it as a henna tattoo. It looks absolutely stunning to have the structure imprinted on your hands adjoining patterns.

Cut mehendi design

Cut work mehendi designs are basically swirls and curves. This design is for young girls and teenagers because they do not cover their hands and feet completely. Crafted cut designs are many sided and cover the wrists by making a net swirl.