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We live in a country where girls of every age are just crazy about henna, we have a lot of designs that are most asked by everyone. Here is a list of some of the famous mehendi designs:

Madhubani mehendi designs

Madhubani mehendi designs are suitable for all kinds of occasions be it a wedding, festive season, durga puja and others. Madhubani mehendi designs are the ones that depict nature and God through their designs especially of the hindu culture. We use the moon, leaves, sun and in the religious context we use our Gods.

Bridal mehendi designs

Mehendi or henna is considered as good luck for the brides about to get married and it is also based on how dark the mehendi gets. Bridal mehendi designs include a lot of designs but the most famous one is getting your husband’s face imprinted on your hand. Mehendi is the most tradition that is meant to be followed in Indian weddings.

Festive mehendi designs

Girls are crazy for henna and they don’t miss a chance to get henna on their hands. Festive season is the busiest when it’s not wedding time, Am I right? We have always considered henna as a blessing no matter the occasion. Girls are generally trying to show off their bright jewellery with a combination of dark henna on their hands.

Occasional mehendi designs

Occasions are where there is no specification on what kind of design we are going to wear. There is a jewellery style mehendi, bracelet, madhubani, simple and others that are famous for every occasion. You can get a simple bel at the back of your hand and wear diamond jewellery to let it spark.

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